Designs are usually performed using Zemax optical design software (the "Professional" version).

We are accustomed to working with both optics specialists and non-specialists, so regardless of your optics knowledge, we can help. We have experience with established specialist optics organisations through to non-specialist start-ups.

Our approach is flexible. We begin by understanding  our customer's exact need and  therefore we can always offer the best solution. We are well versed in working with customers who simply have a "blue-sky" idea, through to those who need assistance developing a specification, through to those who have an exact design specification that must be met.

Our knowledge and experience include: imaging (e.g. to a target MTF), illumination, radiometry, visible and IR spectroscopy, photometry, fluorescence, optical metrology, geometric optics, sequential and non-sequential systems, MEMs and DMDs.



We typically operate with a fixed-price basis for completing design projects. That way, our customers know the full cost from the beginning. However, if you’d like to make use of our consultancy services, we can also operate on a per hour/day basis.


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